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K-2nd Grade Geography Unit

This lesson was inspired by B’s chaotic situation.   It seems each few months he’s ripped out from one home (Colorado) and taken to a complete other (Alabama) miles and miles away only to do it again a few months later in reverse.   There is so much absolute separation between the two that he has come to refer to them as separate worlds.  The families operate unintentionally against one another, at least in the matter of manners, priorities, lifestyles, and ethics; understandably this leads B to feel like an alien floating somewhere in hyperspace in the dwellings he is expected to feel as home.  He needed grounding, and what better way than to study the Earth.   At the end of this course B grasped not only a basic understanding of maps, Alabama, and the US, but even more important he didn’t have to feel as if he was in a zone of zero gravity, but instead just a few colorful squares away on a map from either home.

Overall Objectives:  

  • Students will understand their relation to their homes, their cities, their states, and their country.
  • Students will identify the contributions of great historical figures local an nationally such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln.
  • Students will understand the purpose of maps and globes and how to use them.
  • Student will recognize and understand National, state, and local symbols.
  • The student applies critical-thinking skills to organize and use information acquired from a variety of valid sources, including electronic technology.

The first week “B” was with us I wanted to really help him to understand his location in relation to his mother, his Gigi (my mother), and our upcoming trip to Disney World.


  • At target I found a felt map of the United States of America for three dollars.   It came with felt pieces to help identify several American symbols, one for each state.   Instead of using the felt pieces I printed out favorite TV characters my kiddos had.
  • This project came with at least a week worth of research considering I am not a native to our current home town or the state of Alabama.
  • Coloring Sheets for our state and country.
  • Research of local historic spots to take the kids

Day By Day: (I will add links as I create the lesson plans):

Day 1:  My Home

Day 2: My City

Day 3-4: My State

Day 5-6 or 7: My Country

Lessons Learned:

As I was doing this lesson, I originally planned for each category to take only one day considering this was just as a summer project and I had many projects I was trying to fit into the two short months we had with “B”.  I found that there was absolutely no way to do the state and US history justice without extending the days further.   I also found that both “B” and “A” found the American/State Symbols to be greatly fascinating, and I definitely believe in taking advantage of any opportunity to educate my kids where they find interest.

Our Little Castle Presents- Lesson Plans

All Items in this unit were inspired by my kids, my town, my state, my country, and these amazing pins:


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  1. Ever since I was a young child I have been interested in geography, maps & countries. I love the way your lesson helps to disinguish between the different states in the US and for encouraging a love of maps too. I hope the little one is feeling a little less disoriented now. 😊

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