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Native American Culture Study

This week was a gigantic success.  With a combination of various forms of mediums, repetition, and hands-on experiences I was amazed at just how much my two and four years old grasped about a culture so brilliantly different from our own.  I was nervous going into this week that this was too advanced, that it would be over their heads, but then I figured what on Earth do I have to lose?

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Our Lesson Monday:

  • The Real Pocahontas
  • Geography
  • What are Tribes?
  • Wig-Wams
  • Long Houses
  • Indian Paintbrush

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Our Lesson Tuesday:

  • The Real Pocahontas
  • Geography
  • How Tribes Work Together
  • Men Roles
  • Women Roles
  • How Food is Found

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Our Lesson Wednesday:

  • Who are the Shoshone?
  • Geography
  • Tipis/Teepees
  • Wickiups
  • Symbols
  • Sacagawea Introduction

Our Little Castle Presents- Lesson Plans (18)

Our Lesson Thursday:

  • Why were the Shoshone tribes nomadic?
  • Geography
  • Mens’ Roles
  • Women’s’ Roles
  • The utilization of cradleboards

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Why I Chose This Unit:

LIfe is What you make it. (32)

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  1. So happy to see the youngsters being taught. We need to raise more awareness to let people know that the Native Americans are just as much Americans, if not more, than we are. Good luck.

  2. I used to teach Native American culture to our year 8 students and we also integrated the topic into theme days. Everyone always loved learning about this different culture and it laid the foundations for GSCE American West studies and then later at A Level, Civil Rights. I had collected some genuine artefacts and goods made by modern day Sioux. Really miss teaching that now. Great post and I hope someone can utilise your resources for the younger children.

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