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Bugs and Insects- Themed Lessons for Preschool

Bugs and Insects have become a recent fascination for my girls.  Baby k has developed a recent fear of “buggies”, and I received an email last week to say that Li’l A’s Girl Scout troop would soon be releasing Lady Bugs as a part of an Arbor Day celebration.  And so I seized the moment and planned a lesson on how bugs are a much bigger deal than they may appear, in a good way!

This turned out to be such a fun week, and ever since the girls do not so much as flinch when a bee buzzes in a nearby rose garden or an ant crawls between their toes.

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Bugs and Insects

Great Intro Video to bugs:

A key point to unschooling is allowing the children’s’ interests and curiosities lead the learning, this is why I asked each night before bed, what bug do you want to learn about tomorrow?  And then like any good mother I cram like the SAT is tomorrow.

The buggy break down looks a little something like this:

Day One: Caterpillars & Butterflies

Let’s explore the life cycle of a butterfly, as well as the art style of Eric Carle.  This lesson can be  found here. 

Day Two: Beetles: Dung Beetles & Lady Bugs

Did you know ladybugs were once used by farmers as a form of pesticide?  Also we will look into how dung beetles help keep our world a lush green and stink free.  This lesson can be found here .

Day Three:  Spiders

Spiders are everywhere, no seriously, there is most likely one within three feet of you at this very moment.  But don’t be frightened, these little guys are more often than not harmless and help keep the rest of your pest concerns at bay.

Day Four:  Bumble Bees

Would we even have flowers or vitamin enriched veggies without these amazing fuzzy, buzzy fur balls that fly?  How do they benefit the Earth, how do they make honey, and what really goes down at the hive?

Day Five: Ants

In this lesson we explore the monarchy, day to day routine, and unique skills of the ant.

We ended the week with two great activities…

First was this amazing Disneynature Documentary!  I’m not a big documentary person, and one could imagine a nature documentary and a 3 & 6 year old would never mix, but we were all three captivated from beginning to end!

Second was a visit to our own local butterfly encounter.

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