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Homeschooling in Florida: Your Questions Answered

Homeschooling has become quite the hot topic among parents as cases of the Coronavirus skyrocket in Florida.  Here are some quick tips of how it works, and what you should know.

Simply Homeschooling in Florida


In order to home school in the state of Florida you must first submit a letter of intent with your local school district and then you can withdraw your child from their assigned school in person.  

Building Curriculum

When homeschooling on your own in Florida you are still expected to teach your child to the same skill requirements as their teachers.  Those skills can be found on IXL to help assure you are covering the required skills.

Things To Know Ahead of Time

You must submit evidence of your child’s completion at the end of the school year to your school district.  After that you could be subject to an annual evaluation, so keep the records of all your child’s work and progress in neat and organized binders throughout the year.

For More Information on  ‘classroom needs’ visit here.

Homeschooling with Umbrella Programs


First do your research, and find the school that fits best with your teaching style and your child’s learning style. 

Then enroll!  Know that immunization records, birth certificates, and residence verification will be required.

Building Curriculum

If you lack total confidence of covering all the required skills, that’s really okay.  You don’t have to do it alone, because there are many umbrella schools out there and available to you. They will help assure your child is receiving the education required annually.

Things To Know Ahead of Time

Choosing an umbrella program will prevent the parent from having to deal with pesky legalities and paperwork with the school district.  Also, parent using an umbrella program will not have to write a letter of intent or be subjected to an annual evaluation each year.

The umbrella school does have say over your curriculum and reserves the right to reject intended lessons that you turn in. For a list of umbrella schools in Florida, visit here.

Virtual Schools


First, once again, do your research.  There are virtual programs that are rigorous and those that are incredibly lax and flexible.  Some may require immunization records and birth certificates while others may not.  

Once you’re enrollment has been approved you may submit your letter of intent to the superintendent. 

Building Curriculum

Virtual schools will have actual teachers assigned to your child, who specialize and are trained in virtual schooling.  They will provide the entire curriculum, do the grading, and the majority of the record keeping

Things To Know Ahead of Time

It is still recommended that you keep records of your child’s work just in case of evaluation, dependent on the virtual program you choose. 

Schools to Consider

For more Details on Virtual Schools, Please visit here.

Hybrid Home Schools


Enrollment into a Hybrid school typically requires tuition and tandem enrollment in some other school program such as virtual or private part-time schools.

Building Curriculum

Want your kids to be socialized?  This great approximately 2-4 day learning experience is typically hands-on, and in small groups.  They allow the kids to explore and learn for themselves, foster critical thinking, and go beyond the basic core curriculum to engage active learning.  All of this is typically at no additional work or effort from the parent. 

Things To Know Ahead of Time

That being said, to qualify in Florida your student will need to be also be completing their core curriculum with virtual or private school to qualify to meet state approval.  This would be a great pairing with FLVS Flex programs.

Most will require tuition.

Co-op styled hybrids could be a more affordable option but will require more effort from the parent.

9 thoughts on “Homeschooling in Florida: Your Questions Answered”

  1. These are great options and I’ve shared to my personal Facebook page in the hopes that my Florida peeps will read it and utilize the information.

  2. Great post! I like how you broke down the different options for homeschooling. There is so much misinformation and stereotypes that surround homeschooling. It is a really great option for families who are able to though! We will be homeschooling (I’m in OH) when my daughter is school age.

  3. My children’s school in Florida is pushing us to enroll in the hybrid, innovative option that follows their bell schedule but I am apprehensive how that would work exactly. They say if too many students enroll in virtual school, they will have to cut teachers 🙁 at the end of the day, virtual may be a better fit for us but it will be hard leaving the ties we have with their current school!

    1. Many parent’s I know have been apprehensive about many of the Florida public school plans, mostly because of how many details are still left to be filled in, and questions to be answered.

      I personally love Virtual School (and hey, while Public School may be releasing teachers, all Virtual Schools are desperately hiring new teachers as fast as they can!) <3

  4. Thank you for breaking all of this down. I never even heard of umbrella programs. We are very fortunate that our kids go to a microschool where there are less than 10 kids in their class and in it’s in someone’s home so we don’t have to be as worried about their emotional or physical health. So many parents are looking for other options though so GREAT post!

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