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Virtual School- 5 Myths and Realities

So you are thinking about enrolling your kid into virtual school.  Aren't we all right now? My oldest daughter has been in a flexible Virtual School program for the past year.  I will be really real with you, this experience has had its own major growing pains, but it has also had some incredible rewards. … Continue reading Virtual School- 5 Myths and Realities

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What’s The Core Problem With Standardized Testing?

Standardized testing is a term, that for over the past several decades has become taboo.  But, what is the problem?  Where is the base of it?  Or does it exist at all? When Did We Institute Standardized Tests Anyway? As the U.S. gathered recruits in preparation to join the effort of World War I they… Continue reading What’s The Core Problem With Standardized Testing?

My Personal Perspective

The Millennial Island

I grew up in a small town in West Texas where we had block parties, potlucks, and playing pretend with imaginary swords, guitars, and other various props was all the rage.  High school developed into things of late night cruises down the drag, laps around our tiny one corridor mall, or all night sleepovers where… Continue reading The Millennial Island

Orlando Adventures

Under Pressure

Last Friday while Mr. R was rubbing elbows with Master P and taking pictures with Li'l Romeo, I chose to sit at home in my sour bitter mode of exhaustion.  Awaking repeatedly the two nights before with a tingling uncomfortably numb right arm had really done a number to my sleep and my sanity, so… Continue reading Under Pressure